David Fax

David is also a former public servant and specialised in resource management through most of his employment with the Commonwealth (no wonder we got together!). He is the face of the shop, much to Kristen’s chagrin at times, as his bookselling idol and character upon which he claims to model his own style is Bernard Black (but with a little bit of Manny thrown in). With Kristen running the inventory, David acknowledges his major role in the business is that of lifting, carrying, and moving stock around between shop, home and lockups—a never ending, circuitous route, which involves the continual quest for more shelf/floor/stacking space. (He does tend to undersell himself; he enjoys chatting with customers and loves the opportunity to talk about good books.)

David enjoys a good read, with procedural and hard-nosed crime novels ranking among his favourites. He has a fine collection of fishing books, which go some way to assuaging his appetite for the real thing. He is passionate about fishing and the quiet of the large mountain lakes but acknowledges that he does not get away often enough. His ambition is to organise more time to indulge the passion. In the interim, he is happy to talk about the ones he caught, and the many that got away.

His musical tastes are somewhat eclectic, from olde English folk through to metal, theme albums, modern folk, bluegrass, blues and jazz. (He is not allowed to play metal, theme albums, modern folk, bluegrass, blues and jazz at home. He is allowed olde English folk but the self-appointed musical taste arbiter prefers Irish.) Amazingly, given this range of serious musical genres, he has been known to be seen quietly mouthing the lyrics to songs of the tragic bubblegum ilk! He is responsible for the vast majority of our 1000 plus vinyl collection, and a goodly percentage of the CDs as well.

David enjoys cooking, especially if he has total control of the kitchen and a good bottle of red. Which as far as Kristen is concerned is a good thing, as she is running out of imaginative ways to convince him to cook dinner.

Like Kristen, David is fond of feline company. He too has shared his life with some remarkable furry characters. His current bewhiskered fave rave is Millie, who proves a great ‘help’ when he is sorting books.