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Draft nominal roll: Australians in Stalag Luft III. Seeking feedback.

Nominal Roll. Australian airmen in Stalag Luft III: April 1942–January 1945

One of the research tasks for my PhD thesis on Australian airmen in Stalag Luft III is to compile a nominal roll of all Australians who were incarcerated there between April 1942, when the camp opened, and January 1945 when the camp was evacuated. Incredibly, despite Stalag Luft III’s notoriety, there is no nominal roll of Australians who were imprisoned there. (If there is, I haven’t found it so please enlighten me.)

The Brigadier E.J.H. (John) Howard CBE 2013 Commemorative Lecture

The Military History Society of New South Wales Incorporated presents
The Brigadier E.J.H. (John) Howard CBE 2013 Commemorative Lecture
Rear Admiral Tim Barrett,
‘The Centenary of the Royal Australian Navy’

Book Blurbs: No. 1.

I have often wondered why I’m addicted to crime fiction.

I am not into the hard boiled stuff, or serial killer genre—I leave that to David—but love the mystery genre, the bright spark sleuths, the police teams where intuition plays as much a part as skill. My guilty pleasure is to put away the reference books and the edifying history tomes to escape for a day or two into a well crafted crime or mystery novel.

The penny dropped the other day. David had been at our lock up, moving boxes, emptying others, pulling our books long stored. He opened a box of kids books and out tumbled Trixie Belden...